Best Careers for Projectors – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Chase Ruzek

Finding out we’re Projectors often leads to a great sigh of relief, shortly followed by a sense of mild panic. 

If I’m not supposed to work as much as everyone else, how the hell do I earn a decent living?

Our design can offer clues as to the type of career path to follow, but remember: our human design bodygraph doesn’t tell us what to do, it shows us how we do it

A generator can be a successful personal coach, mentor, guide, etc. as much as any Projector. However, the way they carry out their work and personal mission in alignment with their aura is very different. 

It’s also important to remember that when we’re searching for that perfect career, what we’re really desiring is the experience of recognition and success. Neither will come from any specific job – they will arise from interactions with other people. 

The good news is that it’s more than possible to experience success regardless of one’s current situation. In fact, waiting for recognition and subsequent success – no matter how small – will help move us toward more and more success.  

Projector Core Strengths 

Do you know what it feels like to be in a one-on-one conversation with an aware Projector? 

If so, you know their focused and absorbing aura can make you feel seen in a rare way. This awareness is a precious gift. The aware Projector can see beyond the illusory world of the mind and guide a person to their own inner wisdom, sometimes without saying anything at all.

Some core projector strengths are:

  • A deep attentiveness in one-on-one interactions 
  • The ability to coordinate others and create more efficiency 
  • The ability to expand a person’s awareness (most effectively through questions)
  • A natural “coaching” leadership style with an ability to recognize others

The best roles are those that allow us to express these natural strengths in various ways. 

Common Careers for Projectors

While the best career for a Projector will ultimately be the one they gravitate toward by following their strategy and authority, we know that Projectors thrive when they can be a resource for others in their role as a guide. Roles like teachers, coaches, therapists, managers, directors, consultants, etc. are often (but not always) a natural fit.

Emotional Projectors might gravitate toward settings that are less formal and slower-paced, where they can build deeper relationships slowly over time. They might be more comfortable in long-term engagements with clients, students, or employees. 

Splenic Projectors might feel more comfortable in fast-paced, or business-type environments where they can make quick judgments and decisions that keep people and systems more efficient. 

I have known several mental Projectors who love facilitating and creating experiences for groups of people. 

These are generalities and the nuances can be discovered in the deeper layers of one’s design. 

How to find success as a projector

At the core, Projector success is about being recognized for the unique perspective and gifts we bring to the world. Success is when someone asks for our guidance, is open to receiving it, and recognizes the true value we provide. It’s an experience and feeling unlike any other.

When we start to experience this type of genuine success, even in the smallest ways, we know we’re on the correct path to fulfilling our purpose. I can’t emphasize this enough: the experience of success can minimize financial concerns in a heartbeat. The signature of success satiates the soul, and it’s what we came here for.

Each of us has a storyline nobody can replicate, and the work is to let it unfold step by step. Each of us has to live out our own script, so these questions are designed to spur possibilities and get you in touch with the people, interests, and systems that are truly fascinating to you. 

Grab a pen and allow yourself to be affirmed, surprised, and/or enlivened. Write as many answers as possible to each question without thinking too much about it. Here we go! 

5 questions to find your career as a projector

#1 – What is the most common topic(s) you advise others about?

Think back to conversations where you helped someone come to a new awareness. What were you talking about?

Be sure to consider the themes underneath your “obvious” expertise. For example, if your area of expertise is “cloud security”, are you most often teaching technical skills, guiding others toward resources, prioritizing areas of focus, etc.? 

Try to pinpoint the magic, or the core essence, behind what you do. The gates of your Incarnation Cross and your channels will have clues for you.

#2 – What are the systems of study that engage your fascination?

This question is intended to help us pull back a bit and look at systems from a broad perspective. Note: systems are different from skills

Examples of systems: 

Human Design, Psychology/Human Behavior, Engineering, Programming, Design, Finance/Statistics/Economics, Meditation, Music Theory/Composition, etc.

There are thousands of different skills we could apply within a smaller number of systems. A few examples: 

Counseling, Coaching, Analytical skills, Writing, Graphic Design, Coding, Project Management, Sales, etc.

Why is it important for Projectors to master a system? Mastering a system means we can use our gift of efficiency to provide value for others without relying on the energy to consistently build. 

Understanding the intricacies of a system, in addition to our potential awareness of who the other is, means we can guide like none other. 

Mastery takes time, study, and practice (aka patience). This is why we need to follow our fascination and be invited to any work that requires others.

#3 – Who are the kinds of people you feel most successful with? (friends/co-workers/clients/customers)

Think about the friends, co-workers, clients, or customers who tend to recognize you the most. 

  • Are they from certain communities of interest? 
  • What do they see in you that others don’t? 
  • What do you see in them that they or others might not?

These are your people! (Aka your fractal family) I’ve found that even though I know my most fulfilling interactions often come from people in the coaching and spiritual communities, or who find value in my music and writing, I can find myself trying to be seen by people in other communities that I think are cool instead of accepting where the recognition is already coming from. 

Here’s your daily reminder fellow Projectors: Don’t chase those who don’t naturally recognize you!

#4 – If money were no concern, where would you increase your intensity of focus right now?

For a moment, let go of the endless topics of inspiration and areas of study you could pursue.

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and not want to commit to one thing. I’m a 3/5 with my Sun in 39 (Provocation) and my Moon in 53 (New Beginnings) and a completely open Head and Ajna. It’s basically impossible for me to do the same things over and over – even if I love them.

That said, there are systems and modalities that have stuck with me throughout my experimentation.  I might take a break from them for months (writing), or even years ( music), but I have always ended up coming back to them and my passion is reignited. 

So, check in with what actually lights you up. Right now, if you had the resources to do exactly what fascinates you the most, which rabbit hole are you going down? Where are you going all-in?

#5 – Imagine yourself having mastered a system of your choosing and getting paid for the value that you bring instead of the hours you work. What would be the next step to get there?

The reality is we may not have the money right now. We may still be at the beginning stages of mastering a system, and being able to make a living from it seems a long way off.

The most important thing is that we don’t let us stop that from taking the next step.

As my wise Projector friend Megan once said, 

“Don’t let skill be the thing that stops you from sharing your joy. Our joy, not our desire for skill, will bring us what is worth living and dying for.”

Forget about the outcome my friends. Zero in on the thing you want to do for the sake of the thing itself and do it as much as possible in your current situation.

It’s your recipe for Success.

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  • I am a 55-year-old Ego Projected Projector, very rare. According to Ra Uru Hu, we’re only about .45% of the human population. I have been in a line of work for 19yrs that I have been MISERABLE with, jumping from Company to Company. I was simply doing what I needed to do to take care of my family, and make ends meet. I have now been laid off from my job, right in the middle of recovering from surgery, after being diagnosed with cancer last year. Clearly, the universe is speaking to me. Your article on the best careers for Projectors has been INVALUABLE to me, and I thank you for that. I’m trying to formulate a plan; I know I’m not supposed to go back to what I’ve done in the past. I’m just trying to figure out how to create the path before me. The Spiritual/Metaphysical field is where I belong. I will now move past my fear, take my first step, and start trying to build a clientele, for the first time ever.
    Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • Oh, wow, Karen. You’ve been going through a major “redirection”! I’m so glad you found the article helpful. Keep sharing your perspective and empowering us along the way.


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