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SILENT for 10 Days… Here’s What I Learned

When I first told people I was going to attend a 10-day silent meditation retreat, I didn’t hesitate using that word: retreat. However, that word evokes images of a beautiful view, feelings of comfort, and a do-whatever-you-want type of experience. And that was NOT this! This was a challenging course designed to train the mind, […]

Making Tough Calls Easier

Why do we wait to pick up the phone and make the call when we know we need to? It’s even easier to put off sending that difficult email or text. The answer to this question is simple. Our brains are wired to steer us towards comfort, and away from discomfort. The only thing that […]

Unhappy At Work? Ask Yourself These Questions

You always have the answer, but you might not have the right question. If you’re currently unhappy in your current job or career path, asking some of these questions can help you gain clarity around the root cause of your dissatisfaction. Q: Is there a single person, problem, or another variable that’s causing 80% of […]

The Coach & Client Relationship

We have many different relationships in our lives, all of which have their own unique value. In this post, I’ve chosen to look at the unique qualities of different relationships that help us grow, and compare these qualities to the relationship between coach and client. From my perspective, a great coach embodies many of the […]