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5 Books That Changed My Life

5 Books That Changed My Life autobiography of a yogi

Read enough personal development books and eventually, you’ll realize that most of them say the same thing in a different way. Everybody’s got their favorites. I believe the potential impact a book can have on our lives largely depends on where we’re at on our journey and what we’ve read, discovered, or experienced leading up […]

Coming Full Circle With the G-Word

Coming Full Circle With the G-Word what does god mean

The G-word wasn’t part of my vocabulary for a long time. That is, except for “Oh my God” and “goddammit.” Now, the latter doesn’t quite feel right. As much as I’ve been interested in spirituality throughout my life, I’ve had a complicated relationship with that three-letter entity. It’s not that I ever had anything against […]

Meditation Suck

Meditation Suck meditation suck

My new acquaintance had just finished telling me about his consistent practice of meditating twice a day for more than a few years. “I hate it,” he said, with a smile that seemed forced. The raw honesty filled me with delight. This guy had no interest in being the spokesperson for meditation. He just recognized […]

SILENT for 10 Days… Here’s What I Learned

When I first told people I was going to attend a 10-day silent meditation retreat, I didn’t hesitate using that word: retreat. However, that word evokes images of a beautiful view, feelings of comfort, and a do-whatever-you-want type of experience. And that was NOT this! This was a challenging course designed to train the mind, […]

The Difference Between Positive & Negative Emotions

Have you ever stopped to consider: what is the real difference between positive and negative emotions? Most people understand that emotions like fear, sadness, anger, etc. are a part of life, but they view them as an unwanted part. The bad part. The avoidance of negative emotions is one of the biggest obstacles in our […]

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