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3 Hacks for Making Difficult Decisions

making difficult decisions

Creating a less stressful life often comes down to making difficult decisions easier. Decisions become difficult when we don’t know what we want. The paradox here is that one of the best ways to clarify what we want is by making decisions and taking action. That doesn’t resolve the fact that some decisions leave us […]

Deciding When to Invest in Continuing Education

A theme among highly successful people is that they make significant financial investments in self-development. They understand that investing in education, coaching, or their own business, combined with their intentions and work ethic, can produce exponential returns. It’s important to look at continuing education opportunities in terms of the ROI they offer. It’s also important […]

Ego & The Fear Of Being Fired

I’ve been thinking a lot about this thing we call our Ego. Our ego is not who we are. It’s a constructed lens of our world, which tells us who we think we are. It’s much more common to hear about mindfulness in the workplace. Meditation has become known as a tool to help us […]