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Using Human Design in Your Job Search

Using Human Design in Your Job Search using human design in job search

It’s easy to lose ourselves when it comes to embarking on our job search and end up forcing ourselves to carry it out in ways that don’t feel fulfilling because we think we have to.  Filling out application after application… Gravitating towards the bigger corporations with more job openings…  Boxing ourselves into a job title […]

3 Stages of a Career Transition and How to Navigate Each One

3 Stages of a Career Transition and How to Navigate Each One career transition planning

So, you’ve reached the point where you know you need to make a career transition – but where to start?  Making a career transition can be one of the most challenging things we embark on, especially if we’re determined to find meaningful work that feels connected to our purpose. The challenge lies in the fact […]

Deciding When to Invest in Continuing Education

A theme among highly successful people is that they make significant financial investments in self-development. They understand that investing in education, coaching, or their own business, combined with their intentions and work ethic, can produce exponential returns. It’s important to look at continuing education opportunities in terms of the ROI they offer. It’s also important […]

How Meditation Landed Me a Promotion

When you consider the benefits of meditation, what comes to mind? Reduced stress and anxiety… Lowered blood pressure… Increased focus… Feeling more relaxed…? These are all proven benefits of meditation, but we don’t often think about what can happen as a result of all these benefits combined. The superpower of meditation is that it increases […]

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