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5 Reasons NOT to “Wait for the Invitation”

5 Reasons NOT to “Wait for the Invitation” Wait for the Invitation

The ambiguous “Wait for the Invitation” strategy has undoubtedly confused every Projector who discovers Human Design for the first time.  What exactly is an invitation? How do I know if I’ve received one? Do I need to wait for an invitation in this situation? I constantly see people asking these questions in online Human Design […]

5 Books That Changed My Life

5 Books That Changed My Life autobiography of a yogi

Read enough personal development books and eventually, you’ll realize that most of them say the same thing in a different way. Everybody’s got their favorites. I believe the potential impact a book can have on our lives largely depends on where we’re at on our journey and what we’ve read, discovered, or experienced leading up […]

Why It’s Impossible to Rest Too Much

Why It’s Impossible to Rest Too Much rest too much

What if you knew, without a doubt, that any time you rested you’re actually moving closer towards your goals? I’m not talking about your company’s SMART goals or what you think you want. I’m referring to what you truly want. If that was the case (as I believe it is), it would be impossible to […]

How Coaching Helped Me Trust Myself

How Coaching Helped Me Trust Myself

I know the power of having a coach. It’s not what you might think. My coaches didn’t give me a tool that changed my life, or the ultimate blueprint for building a business. As a trusted, neutral third party, they offered me something much more valuable: They reminded me I wasn’t crazy. (Or, maybe that […]

Self-Criticism vs Self-Discipline

Self-Criticism vs Self-Discipline self-discipline

My own brand of self-criticism can be sneaky. “I should be more disciplined.”“I’m wasting my time.”“I’m not organized enough.” It’s easy to write these thoughts off as “just facts” and convince myself they are helpful reminders that push me to be better. But that’s a lie. The belief that we need to be hard on […]

Coming Full Circle With the G-Word

Coming Full Circle With the G-Word what does god mean

The G-word wasn’t part of my vocabulary for a long time. That is, except for “Oh my God” and “goddammit.” Now, the latter doesn’t quite feel right. As much as I’ve been interested in spirituality throughout my life, I’ve had a complicated relationship with that three-letter entity. It’s not that I ever had anything against […]

Meditation Suck

Meditation Suck meditation suck

My new acquaintance had just finished telling me about his consistent practice of meditating twice a day for more than a few years. “I hate it,” he said, with a smile that seemed forced. The raw honesty filled me with delight. This guy had no interest in being the spokesperson for meditation. He just recognized […]

The Power In Waiting To Decide

The Power In Waiting To Decide waiting

I’ve struggled with making quick decisions for a large part of my life. According to my Mom, I was the kid who could spend hours in the candy aisle trying to make up his mind. This ambivalence didn’t exactly disappear in my thirties, which left a lingering sense of frustration. A couple of years ago, […]

Managing “Productivity Anxiety”

Managing “Productivity Anxiety” Productivity

“Are my issues too small?” asked James, a recent coaching client. He was unsure if he was making the most of our session by discussing the household tasks filling up his to-do list. It didn’t take but a few seconds for him to answer his own question. Despite our seemingly mundane topic, he recognized we […]

A Simplified Guide to Life Planning & Prioritization

A Simplified Guide to Life Planning & Prioritization life planning

Life planning can include yearly intentions, quarterly goals, daily habits, weekly habits, monthly goals, weekly to-do’s… the list goes on. I’d be amazed by anyone who wasn’t questioning how they could keep track of it all.  Proactively planning our lives can feel like an impossible juggling act, whether or not one is a Type A […]

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