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Ever since I read a book in high school that outlined how many hours of our life we end up working, I realized doing something that didn’t excite the hell out of me wasn’t an option. Easy to decide, but then what? 

I gravitated towards a career in sales after college, and I continued to explore my strengths, passions, and interests. I started experimenting with nutrition and fitness. I started practicing asana (yoga) and meditation. I consumed hundreds of hours of podcasts, and hundreds more with books. I started listening to my intuition, taking small steps, and surrendering to opportunities that presented themselves. I kept asking myself deep, personal questions.

In time, coaching revealed itself as the intersection of my strengths, passion, interests. Being able to listen deeply and inspire others through conversations around personal growth was a part of me that had always been there and would never go away. I now had an outlet. Easy to decide, but then what?

As events unfolded, I took a new job and moved to Madison, WI where I eventually completed my professional coach training. In that same year, I left my corporate job, spent two months in Costa Rica, came back and started pursuing coaching as a career. I’ve seen intentions turn into reality in ways that could have never been planned. I’ve also been working with my own coach since 2016.

In addition to Gen Why Coaching, I also work as a Career Coach at The Flatiron School, helping software engineering students secure jobs in the tech industry.

I thoroughly enjoy learning (and unlearning); some of my interests include sustainable food, entrepreneurship, yoga (RYT 200), breath work, and cryptocurrency, among other things.

What’s most important is that I care deeply about how I live, and how I continue to let go of who I think I am in order to be as authentic as possible

Associate Certified Coach - International Coach Federation

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