How Meditation Landed Me a Promotion

The reason why there are so many benefits associated with meditation has a lot to do with the increased awareness that comes with having a consistent practice. But what does increased awareness do???

I’d like to give you a very practical example of how increased awareness can have a dramatic impact on your career. While I can’t truly claim a direct correlation between meditation and the promotion, hopefully, this example shows you how meditation leads to opportunities that one may not have been aware of otherwise.

Meditation to More Sales

I first started meditating shortly before or around the same time I was starting to feel worn down in my sales job at a call center. I was about one year in and the repetitive nature of having the same conversations over and over, day in and day out, started to take a toll on me mentally. Not only that, but the fact that I was literally tied to a phone for 8 hours a day was feeling more and more constricting, from both a physical and psychological standpoint.

I started to become aware of very subtle things, including:

My physical response and tone of voice. In conversations where a customer was irrational or difficult, or especially if I was “stuck” on the phone with someone who I believed (<– key word!) was not going to buy, I became aware of how my body would physically tense up. My shoulders would raise, my jaw and face would tighten. My responses became a bit sharp at times. I started noticing the stress I was putting myself through.

The customer’s response. I started to notice the difference between the customer saying “No” to me versus saying “No” to themselves. When I got short, or ever-so-slightly condescending, they were saying No to me – that was it, the opportunity was over. I could continue questioning them if they were only saying No to themselves.

My overall energy level. I started to become aware of the times when my energy level was low and I wasn’t as attentive and focused on the phone. I started to understand how important it was for me to go on walks during my breaks and during lunch instead of sitting at my desk.

Staying Centered

When I began to notice the actual stress I was putting myself through, I tuned into the “centering” experience I was becoming accustomed to through meditation. I could take a few deep breaths and relax my shoulders and face. I could notice the point right before I made a sharp comment, course correct, and try to kill them with kindness instead. It absolutely worked to my benefit in many situations.

Overall, this made the job much more enjoyable. At a time where I really felt like decreasing my efforts (as I knew I wanted a different job), I actually relaxed and began to listen more, which allowed me to stay focused and make more sales. My last two quarters exceeded all the previous ones.

New Opportunities

During the end of this six months I had also come to the conclusion that I wanted to move to Madison, and that I would try and transfer in my current role with the company (the HQ was in Madison).

Around this exact same time, a team lead position opened up in Madison. My recent performance had set me up in the perfect position to apply for the team lead position, and, well, you know the rest of the story.

In addition to this, I believe meditation also helped me through the interview process. I’m someone who has a very physical “nervous” response to performance situations – even those situations where in my mind I’m not nervous, but there’s still a physical response. I noticed I was able to relax and calm myself before and during the interview more than I would’ve previously.

This experience opened me up to the importance of staying present and doing the best you can in your current situation. I had NO idea that six months prior when I was getting sick of my job, that I would be moving to a new city along with doubling my salary. This was only one among MANY opportunities that have opened up since I began meditating, relaxing, and trusting my intuition.

Takeaway Question: Are you doing the best you can where you’re at right now?

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