Challenge your beliefs, accelerate your growth, and start making a living doing what you love.


Meet Gen Why

Gen Why wasn’t born within a particular decade – they’re a group of individuals who recognize our society is undergoing a dramatic transformation. We are all at once experiencing an abundance of information and interconnectedness, while also feeling isolated from the things that truly matter to us. 

Gen Why are willing to ask themselves the big questions in order to uncover their unique purpose and find their calling. They understand that tapping into their strengths and following their passion is not just a luxury – it’s a necessity for anyone who wants to make an impact and contribute to a better world.

Gen Why Coaching was created to provide this new generation with the tools needed to catapult their personal growth and make a living doing what they love.

The quality of our questions, determines the quality of our lives.



I thrive on intimate conversations that inspire people at a deeper level. I love bypassing the superficial small talk and discussing things we rarely share with strangers, or even friends. I’m obsessed with personal growth, which to me, equals freedom and happiness even when it might not look that way. 


how coaching works

Coaching is both an art and a science. It is not consulting, mentoring, or therapy. In coaching, both the coach and client learn from each other by staying curious about the client’s situation, beliefs and desires. Since many people use the term “coaching” in various contexts, it’s important to understand the difference between the dictionary definition of coaching and coaching as a distinct framework (read the blog post here). 

You can think of a performance coach as a personal trainer who is there to support your mental fitness, rather than the physical. Just as it’s easier to push yourself physically in the presence of a personal trainer, it’s easier to push ourselves to do much greater things with a coach. 

As a society, we’re quickly realizing that training the mind is critical for success in business, health, and relationships. What do leadership development, yoga, stoicism, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, etc all have in common?

All of these things lead back to improving our focus and understanding our beliefs about ourselves and others.

Coaching helps you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Faster.

Successful people hire coaches because they understand the power of increasing self-awareness AND being held accountable to taking action. A professionally trained coach is an expert listener and understands how to leave their own opinions and beliefs out of the conversation so they can focus 100% on YOU and your agenda. 


A coach provides accountability and asks powerful questions that focus your mind and help you create clarity around your situation.


Habits and beliefs unconsciously drive our daily decisions. A coach challenges those beliefs to create opportunities where you couldn’t see any before.


A certified coach is trained to listen intently, confidentially, and without judgment or bias to cultivate an environment that helps you thrive.



I’m all about simple, and I’m all about truth. Here’s the simple truth about coaching: 

You must do the work to discover what you want and who you are when working with a coach. Nobody can do that for you.

I coach with people who are willing to invest the time, money and energy in themselves. They’re curious, and they’re willing to be uncomfortable in order to grow. I’m here to take the journey with you and push you to play your bigger game.

The power of coaching is in the partnership and the energy each person brings. When client and coach are a fit, they both know it! 

Well-being is attained by little and little, but nevertheless is no little thing itself. - Zeno

We’re a fit if...

You practice yoga and/or meditation and you want to deepen your experience with coaching.

We’re a fit if...

You’re dead set on a shift into doing something you love to do, while making a living doing it.

We’re a fit if...

You’re a leader interested in developing YOURSELF in order to develop your team.

We’re a fit if...

You’re interested in deepening your emotional capacity to strengthen your relationships.



In the end, it’s all about finding the right coach for YOU. How do we know if we’re a good fit? The best way to find out is by trying a 60-minute complimentary session. This is risk-free way to experience the benefits of coaching firsthand – no strings attached. 



Rates below include coaching sessions via phone or Skype/Zoom. 

For those in the Madison area, I offer in-person coaching at rates dependent on location and frequency. 

If cost is the only thing holding you back from coaching, I work with a few serious individuals at reduced rates.

*After a 4-month package I offer a reduced rate of $200/mo for individuals who wish to continue monthly.

Monthly Coaching: $225/mo

Three 45-min calls per month
Includes text/email communication between sessions

For individuals who want a monthly plan with flexibility.

4-Month Package: $800

Three 45-min calls per month
Includes text/email communication between sessions

For individuals fully committed to a transformation.* 


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